The Black Sea Climate and Business Initiative (CLIMBIZ) is a regional partnership for action on sustainable development.

• CLIMBIZ supports climate change and green economy policy development on the regional level through partnering with the Black Sea Economic Cooperation Organization (BSEC) and the Black Sea Commission (BSC).
• CLIMBIZ aims to enhance leadership and promote business solutions to meet the very real challenge of climate change, environmental protection and poverty reduction on the ground.
• CLIMBIZ strengthens multi-stakeholder dialogue and initiates a regional forum for climate change and green economy in order to connect stakeholders, develop networks and promote a green and inclusive marketplace in the Black Sea region.



Regional climate change vulnerability and impact assessment for key sectors prepared and capacities of relevant stakeholders strengthened to integrate climate change into regional policy development. The aim is to support BSEC and BSC

• to identify vulnerabilities and adaptation options in key sectors
• to gain an understanding about the impacts of climate change in the region
• to develop a strategic perspective on how adaptation can be promoted within the institutional settings and mandates of BSEC and BSC
• to start integrating climate change in specific sectoral strategies of BSEC and BSC


Green trade and investment programs for business opportunities arising from climate change developed and skills of relevant stakeholders improved in the BSEC region. The aim is to

• Identify, profile and promote locally-led, innovative green and inclusive ventures in the BSEC region
• Support and network the green and inclusive ventures strategically in order to scale and replicate
• Implement regional business to business matchmaking and networking events
• Build the capacities of investment promotion agencies to capture the importance of green foreign direct investment (FDI)
• Promote approaches and partnerships for enhancing access to green finance in the region


A regional forum for climate change and green economy established in order to connect stakeholders, enforce networks and promote a green marketplace in the BSEC region. The aim is to

• Create online website where the selectees and all other initiatives of this project will be presented and promoted
• Organize the Black Sea Forum for Climate Change and Green Economy as a regional green economy platform
• Network all stakeholders engaged in the process and promote a regional green and inclusive marketplace
• Produce a policy note on the conclusions and lessons learned of the forum and the overall project

CLIMBIZ Pilot Phase


CLIMBIZ is carried out by the UNDP Regional Bureau for Europe and CIS within the framework of its regional programming in which the Black Sea region is identified as a priority area for technical assistance activities.

Funding for CLIMBIZ is provided by the Project Development Fund of the Black Sea Economic Cooperation Organization and the Austrian Development Agency. The Black Sea Economic Cooperation Organization (BSEC) is the main beneficiary, with the Black Sea Commission (BSC) as a key stakeholder.

The UNDP Programme Management Office in Athens, Greece, is tasked to implement the Black Sea Trade and Investment Promotion Programme (BSTIP) and the CLIMBIZ Initiative. BSTIP and CLIMBIZ are mutually reinforcing and complementary programmes.

For further Information on BSTIP please visit the following website: