CLIMBIZ promotes climate change and green economy policy development on the regional level and connects business solutions to meet the very real challenge of climate change on-the ground. By doing so, it creates precedence and becomes a hub for the emerging green and inclusive economy in the Black Sea region.

1. Pillar: Policy

CLIMBIZ supports the Multilateral Organisations in the Black Sea region to mainstream climate change and green economy into governance and business planning processes. CLIMBIZ supports the Black Sea Economic Cooperation Organization (BSEC) and the Black Sea Commission (BSC) to develop a strategic perspective on how climate change and green economy can be promoted within their institutional settings and organizational mandates. CLIMBIZ assists these organizations to integrate climate change and green economy in specific sectoral strategies, actions plans and reports, based on the existing experience and knowledge of the Member States and available assessment tools and policy instruments.

2. Pillar: Green and Inclusive Entrepreneurship

CLIMBIZ supports locally-led social and green enterprises that contribute to a low carbon and climate resilient economy, with a clear community benefit. CLIMBIZ connects them with leading companies, business angels and investors in order to scale, to replicate and to maximize impact. The supported social and green enterprises are role models for the development of green and inclusive economies in the Black Sea region. CLIMBIZ aims to distill their innovative practices and encountered barriers to support the design of policy recommendations of how the growth of social and green enterprises can be accelerated in the Black Sea region.

3. Pillar: Green and Inclusive Finance, Trade and Investment

CLIMBIZ aims to facilitate green and inclusive trade and investment opportunities and to knit a regional web where the models, practices and ideas of social and green entrepreneurs can freely flow and rise in the countries of the Black Sea region. CLIMBIZ connects entrepreneurs with a range of stakeholder that can be important enablers for the regionalization of their impact – such as chambers of commerce, business support organizations, investment promotion agencies, and the emerging green and inclusive finance community. It assists these stakeholders to develop strategic perspectives on how green and inclusive entrepreneurship can be promoted within their mandates.

4. Pillar: Green and Inclusive Marketplace

CLIMBIZ creates a marketplace for trading green and inclusive products and services, sharing resources and experiences, and matching needs and offerings. This engagement platform of enablers, supporters and practitioners forms a regional laboratory where new innovative business partnerships, practices and solutions for sustainability and poverty reduction emerge. The marketplace takes place in the form of physical matchmaking events and forums, as well as through this online tool, which builds up a regional online brokerage platform for accelerating the green and inclusive economy in the Black Sea region.