The CLIMBIZ Challenge is designed to find and support the most promising, innovative and locally led social and environmental entrepreneurs in the Black Sea region willing to scale and replicate their work.

The CLIMIZ Challenge does not carry a money prize. We facilitate access to knowledge, expertise and networks important for scaling the impact and replicating the enterprise. CLIMBIZ offers the Challenge Winners (i.e. Challengers) a range of business services, support and networks including high level profiling, often with government officials, development institutions, businesses and investors.


Scaling and Maximizing Impact

CLIMBIZ Challengers will have the chance to participate in an innovative accelerator program to advance their social and environmental enterprises in the Black Sea region. It enables participating ventures to

• significantly scale their social and environmental impact
• articulate their mission as attractive impact investment cases
• connect with interested impact investors and other stakeholders

The acceleration program has a seminal effect on channeling capital, international contacts, know-how, and global best-practice models to social and environmental entrepreneurs in the Black Sea region, a market largely unconnected internationally and underserved by the global impact investing industry.


Applicants: Please already save the dates!

1) Provision of capacity building workshop Module 1 (6th, 7th and 8th of June 2013 in Vienna, 3 days) and networking with key stakeholders, including a targeted event with investors.
2) Provision of mentoring and coaching in between July and September.
3) Provision of capacity building workshop Module 2 (26th, 27th and 28th of September 2013 in Istanbul, 3 days) and networking, including a targeted event with investors.
4) Adherence to a growing network of social and environmental entrepreneurs in the Black Sea region.


1) Tailored capacity building workshops (in Istanbul and Vienna)

The training addresses three core elements: Impact, Viability and People. The CLIMBIZ Challengers learn to make their business model more impact and results oriented and to speak the language of investors (impact). The Challengers are supported to (re-)assess not only the technical and financial feasibility of their ventures, but also the maturity and appropriateness of their strategy to achieve the desired impact (viability). The Challengers are supported to assess their team’s strength and weaknesses and to put in place an appropriate human resource development strategy (people). A range of products, i.e. important tools for attracting investors, will be produced in the training program.

2) Coaching/Mentoring

Each venture is offered dedicated mentoring, coaching and consulting hours to support their acceleration process in between the months of July and September 2013.

3) Funding, Networking and Community

The CLIMBIZ Challengers are strategically introduced to relevant philanthropist, impact investors, loan and grant providers active in CEE and the Black Sea region. They become part of a growing network of social and green ventures from across the region. The Challengers are invited to participate in targeted investor events in Vienna and Istanbul, happenings that bring together investors, funders and entrepreneurs. They will be prominently featured within the CLIMBIZ Marketplace.