Designing policies for a low carbon and climate change resilient future

• CLIMBIZ supports the Multilateral Organisations in the Black Sea region to mainstream climate change and green economy into governance and business planning processes.
• CLIMBIZ supports the Black Sea Economic Cooperation Organization (BSEC) and the Black Sea Commission (BSC) to develop a strategic perspective on how climate change and green economy can be promoted within their institutional settings and organizational mandates.
• CLIMBIZ assists these organizations to integrate low carbon and climate change resilient development in specific sectoral strategies, actions plans and reports, based on the existing experience and knowledge of the Member States.


Climate Change Adaptation

BSEC and BSC are supported to identify vulnerabilities and adaptation options in key sectors. A strategic roadmap will be developed to support BSEC and BSC to address climate change adaptation within their institutional settings and mandates. The expected results entail recommendations for mainstreaming climate change into specific work programs, partnerships and collaboration arrangements, financing needs and opportunities as well as further research needs. The capacities of key stakeholders will be strengthened in this process. The report “Climate Change Vulnerability and Impact Assessment Review for the Black Sea Region - Towards Climate Change Adaptation and Co-Benefits for the Green Economy” can be downloaded here

Green Trade and Investment Promotion

CLIMBIZ cooperates with UNCTAD to promote green trade and investment opportunities in the Black Sea region and to strengthen the capacities of key stakeholders to seize green business opportunities. CLIMBIZ and UNCTAD support BSEC countries to identify their potential strengths in producing and exporting green technologies. Green Foreign direct investments (FDI) are recognized as an important source of national income and for transferring green technology and know-how between countries. BSEC will be supported to promote and facilitate emerging green investment opportunities. A background analysis can be downloaded here

Green and Inclusive Entrepreneurship

CLIMBIZ supports locally-led social and environmental enterprises that contribute to low carbon and climate resilient economies. CLIMBIZ connects them with leading companies, business angels and investors in order to scale, to replicate and to maximize impact. The supported social and green enterprises are role models for the development of green and inclusive economies in the Black Sea region. CLIMBIZ distills their innovative practices and encountered barriers to support BSEC in the design of policies and work programs to accelerate the growth of social and green enterprises in the Black Sea region.