SEED Tools for Social and Environmental Entrepreneurs

Based on the experience of working with social and environmental enterprises, SEED - CLIMBIZ's knowledge and strategy partner - has developed specific tools. One of these allows an initiative to assess what is needed to make its social and environmental business successful; another covers effective building and maintenance of partnerships. A wiki is designed for social and environmental entrepreneurs to share their knowledge and experience with others. All tools can be accessed via the links below:

• Critical Success Factors - Entrepreneurs' Self-Assessment Tool - assess whether you have the necessary elements in place to succeed. Access the tool here

• Partnership working - how to assess what stage your partnership is at, as well as identifying core stakeholders and how best to manage those relationships. Access the tool here

• Wiki - Toolkit for Social and Environmental Entrepreneurs: Learn how to incorporate good social and environmental practices into your business and/ or share your knowledge about how to strengthen business performance and financial success; how to strengthen economic, social and environmental impacts; and how to work effectively with partners, stakeholders and your community(ies). Access the tool here