IRIS: Impact Reporting and Investment Standards

IRIS is a set of standardized metrics that can be used to describe an organization’s social, environmental, and financial performance. IRIS' independent and credible performance measures help organizations assess and report on their social performance. IRIS metrics span an array of performance objectives and include sector-specific metrics for areas such as financial services, agriculture, and energy among others. Like financial accounting standards, IRIS provides a basis for performance reporting and organizations need only use relevant metrics from the IRIS library. More about IRIS

KFW DEG: Corporate-Policy Project Rating

The Corporate-Policy Project Rating (GPR) was developed by DEG and serves as steering and monitoring tool. It is applied throughout the entire project cycle to demonstrate the corporate-policy quality of the projects financed by DEG. It enables both ex-ante (at the time a project is passed) and ex-post (actual figures after a project has been in operation for several years) portfolio evaluations. DEG, a subsidiary of KfW, is one of the largest European development finance institutions for long-term project and company financing. More about the GPR

EVPA: A practical Guide to Measuring and Managing Impact

The Practical Guide is a comprehensive resource that distills best practice in impact measurement into five easy-to-understand steps and provides practical tips and recommendations for how to implement impact measurement at the level of the social investor and in the social sector organisations that they support. Download the EVPA Guide to Measuring and Managing Impact here

TONIIC Institute: Crowdfunding for Impact in Europe and the USA

This report has been prepared by the Toniic Institute in partnership with the European Crowdfunding Network. It seeks to frame the opportunity for cooperation between impact investing and the equity and debt crowdfunding sectors in the US and Europe. Download the report here

TONIIC Institute: E-Guide to Early Stage Global Impact Investing

This e-guide, which draws from members of the Toniic Network—a global impact investing network—as well as their peers, aims to help those with an interest in investing in early-stage impact enterprises see how this work is being done around the world. Readers can go from learning to action as global practitioners in impact investing by using the following 7-Step Framework which is articulated in detail in the e-guide. Download the E-Guide here

UNGC: A Framework for Action: Social Enterprise & Impact Investing

The report guides investors, corporations and policymakers on engaging with social enterprises to create financial, social and environmental returns – outlining three key steps: prioritizing the rationale for engaging, defining a strategy, and choosing specific approaches to execute. Download the Report here