To Support the Acceleration of Social and Environmental Entrepreneurs and Markets in the Black Sea Region

CLIMBIZ relies on a network of governments, international organisations, research and capacity-building institutions, and businesses in order to give emerging social and environmental enterprises the best possible support. CLIMBIZ Affiliates therefore have long-standing experience in the field of business development, partnership building, the environment and sustainable development.


CLIMBIZ Partners

CLIMBIZ Partners are organisations/institutions that provide substantial financial contributions and/or significant in-kind contributions each year. Some organisations may be invited to take up membership of CLIMBIZ's Governing Board and bring their experience to the strategic direction of the CLIMBIZ programme and its implementation.

CLIMBIZ Supporters

CLIMBIZ Supporters are organisations/institutions that contribute financially each year, and possibly provide in-kind assistance.

CLIMBIZ Associates

CLIMBIZ Associates are organisations/ institutions which help, for example, to facilitate contacts for CLIMBIZ Winners, provide mentoring and pro-bono support, assist in outreach activities, or generate and share knowledge.

CLIMBIZ Implementing Partners

The CLIMBIZ programme is comprehensive and requires the support and expertise of specialised service providers and strategic implementation partners. For this reason CLIMBIZ partners with organisations that help to run the CLIMBIZ Challenge, provide capacity building support to the winners, conduct research and develop learning tools for social and environmental entrepreneurs, design regional climate change adaptation/mitigation or green trade and investment assessments.